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14 July 2018 \\ Liège \\ Belgium 


Conditions of participation

The EGFL will offer gymnastics groups the opportunity to participate in a Challenge and have their programme evaluated. It will be the best way to improve the quality of group performances by evaluating the performances and giving feedback to the groups, including advice on how to improve.


The group performances must last three minutes maximum (stage entrance and exit included). 

A group has to be composed of at least six gymnasts. The participants must be born in 2006 or before.


Each performance will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
- Entertainment value
- Innovation, originality and variety
- Technique, quality and safety
- Overall impression

The evaluation will be carried out by a panel of 4 experts who are experienced in the fields of performance, artistry, technique and choreography. 3 people will also give feedback to the coaches. Both of these panels are selected by the TC-GfA.


Each National Federation is responsible for collecting the registrations of its own clubs. National Federations can register as many groups as they like. The registration of interest had to be
sent to the LOC befor the 14th July 2017.

Provisional registrations must be sent through the official forms to the LOC before 14th November 2017. The provisional registration is officially accepted and confirmed when the payment of 10% of the participation fee has been paid to the LOC before 14th November 2017. The 10% of the participation fee is not refundable.

Before 14th April 2018, the LOC must have received the definitive registrations from the National Federations as well as the rest of the participation fee.

The Federations will transmit all the information by means of the provisional registration form which will be sent to them by Email. This duly completed form is then sent back to the LOC by the National Federations ONLY at info@eurogym2018.com for 14th November 2017 at the latest.


Accommodation in schools is provided for all participants and is included in the participation fee.
Liège has many schools in the city centre. If you want, it will also be possible to stay in a hotel during the EGFL. The Local Organizing Committee has negotiated this opportunity for the older participants with a hotel ideally located in the heart of Liège.

Through our volunteers and a safety/security agency there will be 24-hour service at all schools and security will be provided at all times. All schools are inspected by the fire authorities and approved for overnight accommodations.



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